Digital Storytelling – A conference from Social Media Club France – April 8 at La Cantine

Thursday April 8, 2010 at 19h00 at La Cantine

The emergence of new digital media profoundly redefined the production of narrative and forever changed how audiences consume content. Interactivity and the multiplication of modes of access are now endless, and allow for a strong public involvement in new experiences, whether those experiences come from the construction of a fictional universe or from some representation of reality.

How are audiovisual production, cinema, publishing and cultural industries in general reacting to these changes? By analyzing the innovative forms linked to digital media, we will try to identify the new roles emerging from this evolution and which business model response will be fitting for the storytelling of tomorrow.

Our preliminary work: Storytelling 2.0


-Cécile Cros, co-founder of Narrative (production and distribution of documentaries for new media):
New formats of journalistic production, new regard? New distribution, new audience?

-Arnaud Dressen, co-founder of the agency Honky Tonk (video and multimedia production):
Interactive editing: the emergence of new production tools

-Julien Aubert, co-founder of Story Factory (cross-media content development and production):
Extension of the narrative universe of fiction and audience involvement: the observations of a manager

-Nicolas Bry, director of Transmedia Lab:
What business model to use for transmedia productions?

Discussions moderated by Alban Martin, co-founder of Social Media Club France and author of the book “Et toi, tu télécharges? Industries du divertissement et des media à l’ère du numérique,” Village mondial, April 2010

The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception

Your 10€ ticket will go towards logistical costs (space, buffet, drinks).

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