Digital+Humanities: an encounter of social sciences with digital marketing, July 4th at La Cantine


The digital world: new uses, new phenomena, new representations. These subjects seem easy to understand or even master but they take on a different coloration when they are seized by the world of research.

Confronted by a professionalized world, governed by economic constraints and “digital experts”, it is time to look at digital media from a fresh angle, that of social sciences. In what ways can they shed new light on digital issues? How can they help us optimize the communication strategies of brands?

Anxious to explore exciting topic, Curiouser, in partnership with SMC France, Silicon Maniacs and Knowtex, has invited researchers in sociology, semiology, and behavioral economy to come and present their fields of study and discuss them with the audience. The opportunity provides a chance not only to reshape the perspective of the discussion about digital media but to also bring together researchers and professionals, representing spheres that are usually unrelated, for an unprecedented dialogue and, we hope, for mutual enrichment.

  • Julien Mendoza : doctorate of economy under the direction of MM. Rallet and Rochelandet, within the ADIS laboratory of Paris 11. His thesis addresses the usage of personal donations for digital business models // motivates the disclosure of personal information
  • Stéphane Hugon: doctorate of sociology, researcher at CeaQ, manager of Groupe de Recherche sur la Technologie et le Quotidien and lecturer at the University of Paris V // construction of online identity in relation to internet networks
  • Dominique Boullier: Professor of sociology at Sciences Po and scientific coordinator of the Sicences Po media lab with Bruno Latour // The new relationship with information: attention, orientation, and regulation

The names of other speakers will be announced soon…

Audience participation will be encouraged so that the speakers can share their researchers’ perspectives on business problems that you may have experienced as professionals.   A device for asking questions via Twitter will also be set up.

Free (but obligatory) registration on Moxity: