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Social Media and the Arts, conference summary

In the conference this Tuesday, March 22, Social Media Club France addressed the effects that the emergence of social media had on modern artistic practices. Contrary to what some may think, the triumph of the digital world did not stifle the artists’ creativity, but rather served as an inspiration for new forms of artistic expression.  Lire la suite


Interview with Elliot Lepers – "From the personal work of art, to the collective work of art"

The evolution of the work of art in the social media era: too much has
been written nowadays regarding the influence of social networking on the
art industry. Social Media Club France has decided to contribute to this
conversation by organizing a conference on March 22 to introduce us to this
new « digital » relationship between the artist, the work, and the public.
As a result, we asked Elliot Lepers, host of the show « L’Œil de Links »
(The Eye of the Links) on the French channel Canal+, to tell us more about
the transformation of the work of art brought on by the emergence of social
networks: copyright issues, financing and compensation.
New forms of creativity are emerging on the Internet, which serves both as
creative material and a distribution platform, and where ordinary people
become artist. From the personal work of art, to the collective work of
art. An interview with Elliot Lepers by Social Media Club France.

Interview Elliot Lepers : « De l'oeuvre artistique personnelle à l'oeuvre artistique collective »

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Social media and the arts: Social Media Club France conference, March 22


The emergence of social media has, without a doubt, affected countless industries around the world, the arts being no exception. For many years, we focused our attention on the effects the developments in social media had on music and video. This, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. Fashion, painting, photography, among other forms of art, were also influenced by the newly emerging social media trends.

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Prochaine conférence du SMC France : Réseaux sociaux et pratiques artistiques, le mardi 22 mars à La Cantine


La musique et la vidéo ont occupé une part très importante des pratiques artistiques dont le mode de fonctionnement a été bouleversé par l’arrivée des réseaux sociaux ces dernières années : est-ce l’arbre qui cache la forêt ? En effet, la musique et la vidéo, en occupant ainsi le devant de la scène de l’innovation et des discours médiatiques, ont sans doute occulté d’autres arts et d’autres métiers, comme la mode, la peinture, le dessin ou la photographie, qui ont vu aussi, à d’autres échelles et selon d’autres modalités, leurs pratiques être affectées par l’émergence des médias sociaux. Lire la suite