Conference: Living With Online Trolls, Thursday June 9 at La Cantine

VivreAvecLesTrollsThe internet and social networking sites have brought about new journalistic practices and have forced professional information transmission to reinvent itself. Today, online information sites strive to put to good use the contributions of internet users and promote interactions among their readers.

While certain pure-players, such as Rue89, have the explicit goal of enriching their mode of production and the treatment of the information on a “participatory” dimension, it is nevertheless clear that this venue, dedicated to commentary, is often polluted by “parasitic” contributions, rendering them spaces of fruitless discussion. Authors of these contributions, often called “trolls” on the web, thrive on provocation and are committed to the destruction of debate.

How do we manage these malicious contributions? In general, how do we sort out and rank this content that is beginning to collect on the margins of journalistic productions? Must we make a choice, filtering the content, or should we rely on the self-regulation of readers? Is the phenomenon of trolls inherent on the web?

Jeremie Mani, President of Netino, a company specialized in moderation, and blogger on sansmodé

Mathieu Maire du Poset, manager of online development at Marianne /, which came from modifying her rules of moderation

Xavier Moisant, troll, founder and animator of Train train quotidien, cofounder of Gobilab

Antonio Casilli, sociologist, author of the book Les liasons numériques, blogger

Alice Antheaume, manager of forecasting and international development at the school of journalism of Science Po, organizing debates. Do not hesitate to read the note that Alice has devoted to the subject of her blog (in French!), a work in progress.

The 10 € entry fee that we ask of you will cover the cost of the location as well as the cocktail reception after the conference.